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Sharing insights on technologies that are making buildings more green and energy efficient. You can also follow us on Medium, or check out our YouTube channel where we cover similar topics.

How To Power Low-Voltage LED Lighting Efficiently

The ideal power system to maximize the energy efficiency of low-voltage LED lighting is here.

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The Next Big Thing in Energy Efficiency: Fault Managed Power

Will traditional electrical systems be replaced soon? Fault Managed Power (FMP) systems might provide the energy savings to incite a revolution in electricity.

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The Most Efficient Remote Power Systems

Inefficiencies in power delivery are more glaring than ever; it's time to consider what the most efficient remote power system looks like.

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Make Buildings More Efficient With Centralized Power Systems

What does it mean to have a centralized power system, and would it make your building more efficient?

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How New Telecom Rectifiers are Revolutionizing 5G

With 5G on the horizon, and its heavier power demands, traditional telecom rectifiers aren’t cutting it anymore. That's why telecom rectifiers are getting an upgrade.

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The Most Efficient Way to Power 5G DAS

Before 5G can become widespread, infrastructure for it, such as 5G DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) must be implemented. This infrastructure is not easy to implement; it can be costly, and has high power demands. That's where DC power comes in.

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Pulse Current vs. Digital Current - 2 Class 4 Power Systems

Class 4 ratings are legitimizing fault-managed power (FMP) systems, and two options on the market are Panduit's Pulse Current and Cence HVDC (which transmits Digital Current). Let's compare them.

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Power over Ethernet vs. Class 2 Power Systems

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a type of Class 2 rated power system, but it’s often forgotten that other Class 2 power systems can offer the same benefits, and more.

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Argentum is Changing! Introducing Cence Power

What Argentum's merge with Cence Power means for everyday operations, and the future of DC power distribution.

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Cence Brings Buildings Into The Future

We improve the value of commercial and multifamily buildings with an intelligent DC power distribution system that's pain-free to install. It combines the benefits of low-voltage wiring practices with voltage capabilities of up to 450 Volts DC.

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