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Sharing insights on technologies that are making buildings more green and energy efficient. You can also follow us on Medium, or check out our YouTube channel where we cover similar topics.

3 Applications for Occupancy Sensors in Commercial Buildings

So your building has occupancy sensors, but you're wondering how to actually use the data you've collected. Here are three applications for occupancy sensors, and how you can use technology to automatically analyze data, and generate actionable insights.

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Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors vs. AC Motors and DC Brushed Motors - Everything You Need To Know

Wondering what makes a DC brushless power tool better? Welcome to electric motors 101, where you'll learn everything you need to know when comparing different kinds of electric motors.

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What is Power Factor? Why we pay for power we're not using

Why we pay for more electricity than we use, and how we can change that: introducing power factor and its implications on our electrical bills and the environment.

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Less Than 30 Minutes to Charge an EV!? How Does Level 3 EV Charging Do It?

Level 3 EV Chargers can charge an EV in less than 30 minutes. In comparison, there are 2 reasons why Level 1 and 2 chargers take hours to charge.

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Why Your Charger Is Overheating + What's Inside Your Charger

Have you ever touched the charging block attached to your laptop or cellphone charger and wondered why it was so warm? Or even hot? That heat is actually wasted electricity; can this be fixed?

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Electricity You Can Safely Touch!? - Introducing Class 4 (CL4) Power Systems

Could Class 4 power systems replace Power over Ethernet (PoE)? They enable the distribution of DC power at higher-voltages, and are safer than typical electrical systems.

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Why AC Power REALLY Won the Current Wars

Learn why Tesla's invention was chosen over Edison's.

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The Benefits of HVDC Transmission Systems (High-Voltage Direct Current)

The world is moving towards HVDC, here's why.

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Advancements in Tech Needed to Standardize HVDC Transmission

It's worth it to work towards a world powered by DC power, but what technologies need to be developed to get us there?

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Cence Brings Buildings Into The Future

We improve the value of commercial and multifamily buildings with an intelligent DC power distribution system that's pain-free to install. It combines the benefits of low-voltage wiring practices with voltage capabilities of up to 450 Volts DC.

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