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The Most Efficient Way to Power 5G DAS

Before 5G can become widespread, infrastructure for it, such as 5G DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) must be implemented. This infrastructure is not easy to implement; it can be costly, and has high power demands. That's where DC power comes in.

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Pulse Current vs. Digital Current - 2 Class 4 Power Systems

Class 4 ratings are legitimizing fault-managed power (FMP) systems, and two options on the market are Panduit's Pulse Current and Cence HVDC (which transmits Digital Current). Let's compare them.

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Power over Ethernet vs. Class 2 Power Systems

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a type of Class 2 rated power system, but it’s often forgotten that other Class 2 power systems can offer the same benefits, and more.

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Argentum is Changing! Introducing Cence Power

What Argentum's merge with Cence Power means for everyday operations, and the future of DC power distribution.

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Can We Eliminate These 3 Types of Line Losses in Transmission Systems?

Despite alternating current (AC) power having won the War of the Currents, direct current (DC) power suffers from far less line losses along electrical cables. This is why.

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Digital Electricity™ vs. Digital Current™: What's the Difference?

Class 4 power systems provide a solid foundation for buildings of the future, and two options on the market are Digital Electricity™ and Digital Current™.

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DC Power Distribution is CHANGING

DC power distribution is the underrated way for buildings to easily save 20% on their energy consumption.

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3 Applications for Occupancy Sensors in Commercial Buildings

So your building has occupancy sensors, but you're wondering how to actually use the data you've collected. Here are three applications for occupancy sensors, and how you can use technology to automatically analyze data, and generate actionable insights.

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Brushless DC (BLDC) Motors vs. AC Motors and DC Brushed Motors - Everything You Need To Know

Wondering what makes a DC brushless power tool better? Welcome to electric motors 101, where you'll learn everything you need to know when comparing different kinds of electric motors.

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Cence Brings Buildings Into The Future

We improve the value of commercial and multifamily buildings with an intelligent DC power distribution system that's pain-free to install. It combines the benefits of low-voltage wiring practices with voltage capabilities of up to 450 Volts DC.

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