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About Cence

Efficient power distribution made safe and simple.

Our Story

Cence Power was founded in 2020, and merged with Argentum Electronics Inc (founded in 2015) via acquisition. Both companies were founded on the insight that the world would benefit by moving towards DC (direct current) power use.

With the global demand for DC power increasing throughout the world, Cence Power provides an efficient form of power distribution that's easy to implement in both new builds and retrofit projects. We also provide an efficient link from renewable resources, to final applications. The ultimate goal has been, and remains, to enhance DC power usage through the commercialization of an easy-to-deploy DC power distribution system that will set a new standard for electrical systems.

Cence got its start by enabling LED lighting systems to leverage low-voltage DC power effectively to dramatically increase energy efficiency. When Cence acquired Argentum in 2022, high-voltage DC applications were added to the Cence ecosystem (Cence HV). This allowed Cence to work and partner with early adopters and innovators in even more markets than lighting, including telecom and data centers. Now, Cence is forming a consortium of global companies to expedite the creation of a comprehensive global standard in direct current power distribution.

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Our Solution

Explore our high and low-voltage DC power distribution systems and user-friendly smart controls, including the Cence App and a variety of wireless sensors. Our DC power distribution systems are cost effective and easy to install, simply plugging into an AC electrical panel. With the help of smart controls and automations, they also dramatically decrease operating costs by up to 40%.

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Why DC Power

The world's infrastructure is wasting energy because power lines deliver Alternating Current (AC) power, while 70% of our devices actually need Direct Current (DC) power. For this reason, DC powered devices (such as LED light fixtures) inefficiently need to use their individual drivers to convert the AC power they get into the DC power they need.

These conversions can waste up to 40% of the energy consumed by DC powered devices.

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We envision a world that leverages every single watt of electricity, enabled by innovative engineering that sets the global standard of power distribution.


At Cence, our mission is to be the global leader in intelligent DC power distribution systems, which are efficient, safe, and easy-to-deploy, across our comprehensive ecosystem of low and high-voltage products.These are 6 focus areas we have to achieving our mission:

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