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DC Power Products

Our DC power products include high and low-voltage DC power distribution hardware and smart controls such as the Cence App and a variety of sensors.

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Cence DC power products work together to save on energy and cable.

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Cence is a Class 4 DC power distribution system that can distribute up to 450V DC at distances over 3000m and uses low-voltage wiring practices. It can detect faults on its branch circuits and shut off power in microseconds.

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Bring your building closer to net-zero. Cence reduces operational costs by up to 40% through DC power distribution, and intelligent automation. Benefit from daylight harvesting, occupancy sensing and more.

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Collected building data should be easily interpreted, and used to optimize electrical loads; that's why the Cence sensor data is collected, analyzed, and displayed on the Cence App - our cloud based digital twin.

Need power and efficiency?

If you have an electrical project that needs to be powerful, efficient, and intelligent, Cence could have what you're looking for.

Ask a Cence specialist how it would work with your project.

"The team [at Cence] has been great to work with and has been quick to respond to our questions. We've been using the system and interface for over 6 months, and have been happy with the flexibility and control it's enabled us to operate our system."

- Andrew Lee, President of Innovia Geo Corp

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We will reach out to discuss the best power distribution option for your project.

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Implement Cence to reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

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