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Join the DC Power Revolution

Cence Power is on a mission to improve the energy efficiency of buildings across the world through our innovation in DC power distribution and building automation technologies.

We're looking for talented individuals, who resonate with our mission, to join our team.

We need a revolution in just basic electricity before a lot of our smart building technologies will be implemented

Brad Koerner, SBC 2020

Cence Career Categories

Opportunities for Students and Recent Graduates

Begin your career at Cence as part of our student internship program that could lead to a full-time position. Join a team that values your unique perspective, education, fosters your growth, and reduces the carbon footprint of buildings.

Our Mission

At Cence, we all strive towards a common goal: to improve the electrical efficiency of buildings, making the world a more sustainable place with innovations in DC power distribution. There are our 6 focus areas for achieving our mission:

Cence Culture

Join a supportive team that values learning, gratitude, as well as personal and career growth. We strive to provide a workplace that's comfortable, open, and that fosters productivity and creativity for all.

Glassdoor Reviews

The Best Management Ever!

A very friendly and respectful environment to work. The management is awesome and I really enjoyed my time over there. The culture and interactions with the employees were really great.

- Hardware Engineer

Great Experience

Positive and caring culture. Leaders have a growth mindset, and set good examples for the team, and the technical team is competent and well-organized.

- Senior Software Engineer

Very Nice To Work With!

Group discussions are really helpful to identify the issues and helps to move forward faster. Fast response to any issues.

- Hardware Developer

Supportive Upper Management And Stress-Free Environment

Upper management is open to all ideas and feedback. Small team meaning everyone works to support each other and the growth of the company.

- Communications Manager

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Where It All Started

Company President, Bolis Ibrahim, identified an inherent problem with power distribution when he was studying electrical engineering; alternating current (AC) power is distributed throughout our buildings, but most of our devices need direct current (DC) power. From there, the concept of Digital Current™ was born.

A Brief History of AC and DC Power

Over 100 years ago, the war of the currents determined alternating current (AC) power as the type of electricity that would flow through power lines, and into our buildings. At the time, this was the most economical option. Since then, however, things have changed. These days over 70% of our devices (including LED lighting) require direct current (DC) power. These DC devices generally use very inefficient drivers to convert the AC power they get, into the DC power they need, wasting about 20% of the energy consumed by the device.

DC Power Distribution Is The Solution

Cence Power provides both a low and high-voltage DC power distribution system that eliminates the need for inefficient AC to DC conversions. The Cence panel connects directly to an AC electrical panel, makes one highly efficient, centralized conversion from AC to DC, and safely sends power to connected DC devices. Cence also provides wireless sensors, and a digital twin app, that enables customers to save even more energy with intelligent automations and control. In total, Cence saves buildings about 40% of their energy when DC distribution and intelligent controls are implemented.

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