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Data Center Power System

Reliable &
High-Voltage DC Power

We safely fulfill the increasingly high data center power demands with a reliable, high-voltage DC power system that makes more room for servers and cooling equipment.

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The Power Of

Data center architects have acknowledged high-voltage DC (direct current) power as the most efficient form of power distribution for data centers for a long time. However, standards and technological limitations hindered its adoption until now.

Since the National Electrical Code (NEC) standardized fault-managed power systems with its Class 4 rating, Cence HV can serve data centers as a compact, plug-and-play power distribution system that safely provides high-voltages of DC power. Finally, both new and existing data centers can easily implement a reliable power distribution system that caters to their equipments' DC power needs.

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Digital Current™ for Data Center Power

Fault-managed power systems take up less space in data centers, can handle massive power demands, make it easier to integrate renewable energy sources, and more. Cence HV takes these benefits further with Digital Current™ technology; we shut power off over 1000x faster than competing fault-managed systems if a fault is detected.  

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More Space For Data Center Equipment

DC power systems make room for about 25% more data center essentials like servers and cooling equipment due to smaller, less complex systems that require fewer components.

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Standardized High-Voltage DC Power

The NEC standardized high-voltage DC power distribution with their Class 4 rating for fault-managed power systems, such as Cence HV, which intelligently stops power if a fault occurs.

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Simple Installation & Maintenance

Our fault-managed power system doesn't require breakers or mechanical switch gear; everything is solid state. Power transmitters are also centralized and hot-swappable.

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Safe & High-Voltage DC Power

A high-voltage power system that makes use of a structured cabling infrastructure, and shuts power off over 1000x faster than competing fault-managed power systems.

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Modular Data Center

With hot-swappable transmitters, and a power system compatible with new and existing data centers, Cence HV allows you to easily keep up with increasing power demands.

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Less Heat Generated

With fewer required conversions and a more efficient power system, Cence HV generates less heat than an AC system, reducing data center cooling energy consumption.

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Intelligent Power Management

Fault-management ensures a safe and standardized system, and the Cence App intelligently enables cloud monitoring, control, and automation of power usage.

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Reliable Power & Data Processing

Since DC power is compatible with batteries and solar, fault-managed power systems enable conversion-free, reliable power backup, and support sustainability goals.

The Cence App

Unlock the full potential of Cence products (HV or LV) with our cloud-app, included in all Cence solutions.

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Monitor, control, automate and optimize power usage

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Digital twin software for intuitive control over devices

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Easily generate practical insights from a multitude of sensor data

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How Cence Works

There are two Cence product suites: Cence LV (low-voltage) and Cence HV (high-voltage). Cence LV can receive 4 types of power inputs: renewable energy, power from energy storage, AC power, and Digital Current™ from the Cence HV Transmitter. If either of them receive AC power, they make a highly efficient AC to DC conversion (up to 99% efficiency).

diagram showing the two cence panels and their power inputs

The Cence LV Hub has 8 power modules with 4 channels each (PM4s). Each of these channels sends up to 60V DC, or 100 W, to connected devices, such as LED lighting and our smart power splitters. In total, Cence LV can send up to 3200 W per power hub. Cence optimizes cable usage, and power yield, with daisy chaining.

diagram of how the cence low voltage system works

The Cence HV Transmitter has 5 internal channels that each send up to 450V DC as Digital Current™. Our Digital Current™ technology is what makes our system a fault-managed power system (FMPS). The Cence receivers have integrated DC-DC converters that supply devices with appropriate voltages. Cence HV is ideal for projects with longer cable lengths that prioritize efficient distribution.

diagram of how the cence high and low voltage system works

Cence HV, LV, smart power splitters (external devices to the LV Hub), receivers (external to the HV Transmitter), and wireless sensors, are all connected to a wireless mesh network. The wireless mesh network allows all connected devices (ex. LED lighting) to be monitored, controlled, automated and optimized via the Cence App.

diagram of how the cence system works, along with the wireless mesh network

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