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Cence DC Lighting

The Best Way To Power LED Lighting

Increase LED Lighting Efficiency and Extend Fixture Life.

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Meet Cence

High and low-voltage fault-managed power distribution (12V DC - 450V DC) to power DC lighting

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Sustainable and powerful

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Patented safety-features

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Low-voltage wiring practices

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Flicker-Free Lighting

Traditional drivers are inefficient, and eventually cause flickering. Cence intelligently delivers DC power to lighting to eliminate inefficiencies caused by traditional drivers.

This makes your lighting low-maintenance and flicker free.

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DC Lighting Use Cases

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Industrial Buildings

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Grow Lighting

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Subways and Mining

Cence HVDC
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Office Buildings

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Malls and Stores

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Condos and Homes

Cence LVDC

How Cence Works

There are two Cence cabinets: Cence Class 2 low-voltage (LVDC), and Cence Class 4 high-voltage (HVDC). Cence LVDC can receive 4 types of power inputs: renewable energy, power from energy storage, AC power, and Digital Current™ from Cence HVDC. If either of them receive AC power, they make a highly efficient AC to DC conversion (up to 99% efficiency).

diagram showing the two cence panels and their power inputs

Cence LVDC has 8 internal drivers (LM1's) with 4 channels each. Each of these channels sends up to 60V DC, or 100W, to connected devices, such as LED lighting and our smart power splitters. In total, Cence LVDC can send up to 3200W per panel. Cence optimizes cable usage, and power yield, with daisy chaining.

diagram of how the cence low voltage system works

Cence HVDC has 5 internal transmitters with 1 channel each. Each channel sends up to 450V DC to transceivers as Digital Current™. Digital Current™ is what makes our system a fault-managed, Class 4 power system. Furthermore, the Cence transceivers have integrated DC-DC converters that supply devices with appropriate voltages. Cence HVDC is ideal for projects with longer cable lengths because sending higher voltages reduces line losses, saving energy.

diagram of how the cence high and low voltage system works

Cence HVDC, LVDC, smart power splitters (external devices to the LVDC panel), transceivers (external to the HVDC panel), and our wireless sensors, are all connected to our wireless mesh network. The wireless mesh network allows all connected devices (ex. LED lighting) to be monitored, and parameters to be controlled, automated and optimized via our digital twin cloud-app.

diagram of how the cence system works, along with the wireless mesh network

Want to see if this would work with your project?

Hit "Get Cence" to provide some basic information on your project, and we'll be in touch to discuss a DC power solution that would make your electrical project efficient, cost effective, and successful.

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Cence saves Scotiabank 43% in opex for the front foyer of a Toronto branch.

Cence saves EllisDon 30% in opex for ED Modular's residential suites.

Cence saves HH Angus 30% in opex for one of their office spaces in Toronto.

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Implement Cence to reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

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