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High-Voltage DC Power Distribution (HVDC)

Class 4 power up to 450V DC with Digital Current™ technology

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High-Voltage DC Power Distribution (HVDC).

Class 4 power, up to 450 V DC

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High-Bay Lighting

Industrial Buildings

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Grow Lighting

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Subways and Mining

The Class 4 Power Advantage

Cence Class 4 Power Distributes
Digital Current™

The intelligent fault-managed power provided by Digital Current™ makes Cence HVDC a Class 4 power (up to 450V DC) system that combines the benefits of high-voltage power and low-voltage wiring practices.

Cence HVDC simply plugs into your existing electrical panel, and distributes Digital Current™, to make it a Class 4 power system. We serve buildings in Canada, the US, and internationally.

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How Cence HVDC Works

Cence HVDC panel

HVDC is located in the lower compartment of the Cence panel. The Cence panel simply connects to typical electrical panels, makes one, centralized, highly efficient AC to DC conversion, and sends up to 450V DC of Digital Current™ Power over cables that make use of low-voltage wiring practices.

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Cence Class 4 receivers connect to 450V DC lines and drop HVDC voltage down to required levels. They also create a secure, wireless mesh network for real-time control over electrical loads.

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Plug and play with any electrical load that has a DC power input. Control loads from an app, or locally with wired or wireless controllers.

Why Install HVDC Over AC

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Save Energy

Reduces line losses along cables and eliminates power lost from AC to DC conversions. Save even more energy with intelligent controls.

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Powerful and Safe

Fault-management makes it safe to send up to 450V DC over cables, with virtually zero risk of electrical shock or fire.

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Reduce Project Capital Costs

With higher voltages, and lower currents, lighter gauges of cables can be used, without the need for mechanical protection.

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