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The Cence Telecom Power System

Reduce cable size and voltage drop

Fault-managed power systems (like Cence) can supply higher voltages (up to 450V DC), making them superior to 48V DC systems to remotely power telecom.

The Perfect Telecom Power System

Cence HV is a fault-managed, DC power distribution system that's ideal for telecom applications.

The NEC standardized fault-managed power systems in their 2023 edition. These DC power distribution systems can provide up to 450V DC safely, and don't require mechanical protection or breakers. Fault-managed power systems, like Cence HV, also provide suitable protection from fire and shock hazards and make use of light cable gauges.

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Longer Distances & Thinner Cables

High-voltage power distribution enables more efficient, further power distribution over thinner cables, and reduces voltage drop.

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Intelligence & Safety

Fault-management provides suitable protection from electrical hazards without the need for mechanical protection or breakers.

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Easy Installation & Maintenance

Cence HV intelligently stops power if a fault is detected, and is a plug-and-play system, making it safe and easy to install and maintain.

Longer Distances & Thinner Cables

Reduce telecom project capital costs associated with cabling and copper. The Cence HV Telecom Power System provides higher voltages (up to 450V DC), while making use of low-voltage wiring practices.

difference between low voltage cables and high voltage cables gauge comparison

48V DC cable

Cables in low voltage, high power, applications (such as traditional telecom rectifiers) require larger cable gauges to support the current needed.

450V DC cable

Cables in fault-managed systems have a gauge that is about 10x smaller and carry the same amount of power.

Intelligence & Safety

A power system ready for the future of telecom infrastructure with intelligent features like fault-management, power monitoring, IoT technology, cloud-control, and more.

Intelligent & Dependable Safety

Discover a new era of intelligent power management with Digital Current™, supplied by our fault-managed power system: Cence HV.

Designed to ensure safety, Cence HV shuts power off over 1000x faster than other fault-managed power systems on the market if a fault is detected. This allows it to be high-voltage (up to 450V DC), and safe for telecom technicians to install and maintain.

Click here to read more about fault-management

Smart Power Control

Our smart controls add another layer of intelligence to our fault-managed power system. Simply plug in Cence HV, and tap into the Cence App, to monitor, control, automate and optimize power delivery to telecom equipment.

Experience the convenience of preventative maintenance, and intuitive control over telecom infrastructure with integrated digital twin software. Cence HV enables you to embrace the future of power management.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Onboard computers in the Cence fault-managed telecom power system continuously monitor cables for faults, such as human touch, and stop power immediately if one is detected. This enables Cence HV to distribute up to 450V DC of power to telecom applications safely, so telecom technicians can work on systems without the fear of electrical shock or fire.

Prepare for Hybrid Fibre Cables

Implementing a fault-managed DC power system, like Cence HV, makes the transition to hybrid cables more streamlined.

diagram of hybrid fibre cable with class 4 and data transmission

What Are Hybrid Fibre Cables?

A hybrid cable incorporates optical fibers (for data transmission) and copper wires (for power transmission) within the same jacket. They are a distribution medium for both fault-managed power (like Digital Current™) and 5G. Hybrid cables enable long-distance power supply while ensuring high-speed data transmission.

Optical Fibres for data transmission

Copper Wire for fault-managed DC power transmission

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Implement Cence to reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

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The Cence App

Unlock the full potential of Cence products (HV or LV) with our cloud-app, included in all Cence solutions.

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Monitor, control, automate and optimize power usage

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Digital twin software for intuitive control over devices

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Easily generate practical insights from a multitude of sensor data

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