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Cence Calculators

We created these tools to provide a resource for those wanting to learn more about energy saving opportunities, lighting calculations, and the advantages of DC power distribution.

Energy Savings Calculators

How much energy could you save by implementing DC power distribution and automation? Choose the type of savings you want to estimate.

Lumens Calculator

How many lumens and foot candles do you need to achieve optimal brightness in your space? Use this calculator to determine an estimation of your ideal lumen output needs and colour temperature range.

Voltage Drop Calculator

How much power would you lose along cables carrying direct current (DC) power? Use this tool to calculate voltage drop and power loss along cables depending on their gauge and length. You can also use this calculator to convert a mm² gauge to an AWG cable gauge and vise versa.

kWh to CO2 Calculator

This tool calculates how many kilograms of CO2 are released based on the amount of kWh of electricity consumed. This tool uses the carbon intensity of local utility data to get an accurate estimate for your specific region. Use this calculator to get a better idea of your building's carbon footprint for electricity use over the span of a defined number of months (you define the time span in the calculator).

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Voltage Drop Calculator

In your direct current (DC) power electrical system, how much power loss along cables occurs? And how much voltage drop occurs? Use this calculator to determine this.

Where the Energy Savings Come From

Cence DC Power Distribution systems can save you up to 40% on energy use for your facility by eliminating inefficient AC to DC conversions, reducing line losses, and providing the ability for you to create automations that optimize energy use and comfort.

We combine our DC power distribution system with IoT technology to achieve these results. Examples of our smart technology includes sensors, and a cloud-based app.  

Get started with designing your electrical project by clicking on "Get Cence".

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