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Energy Savings Calculator

For Commercial HVAC

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How This Calculator Works

We created this energy savings calculator to help you discover how much you can reduce operating costs associated with heating and cooling your commercial property or unit. This can be achieved by implementing intelligent controls such as demand controlled ventilation (DCV).

This calculator assumes that your heating and cooling are currently powered by AC (alternating current) electricity, which is the type of electricity distributed by power grids. It also assumes that your current system has no level of automation other than on-off controls (i.e. wall switches or thermostats).

First, this calculator estimates your total annual HVAC operating costs. Next, it subtracts the amount of energy that could be saved, from the original annual cost of heating and cooling your commercial space.

Where Energy Savings Come From

By automating HVAC systems to respond to occupancy, demand, and other variables, energy can be saved by ensuring that power is provided to HVAC only when necessary.

DC Power Distribution
Many modern HVAC systems (such as those with variable speed motors) need DC (direct current) power to operate. This calculator only provides estimated savings based on the efficiencies provided by automation. However, it's worth noting that even more energy can be saved by distributing DC power to HVAC systems (if you have an HVAC system that operates on DC power). This is essentially because distributing DC power to devices that need it, eliminates the need for inefficient AC to DC conversions. You can read more about this on our blog.

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Estimated Annual Cost of Heating and Cooling


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Estimated Monthly Cost Of Heating and Cooling

Total Estimated Savings

(1 - (Estimated Annual Cost Of HVAC After Savings)

Estimated Annual Cost Of Heating And Cooling

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Estimated Annual Energy Savings

Estimated Annual Cost Of Heating and Cooling

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Estimated Annual Cost Of HVAC After Savings

Estimated Annual Cost of HVAC After Savings

Estimated Annual Cost Of Heating and Cooling

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(1 - Occupancy Sensing)

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(1 - Multi-Zone Temperature Sensing)

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(1 - Demand Controlled Ventilation)

Something To Note About HVAC Savings

HVAC savings from DC power are a little harder to calculate, and most of the savings will come from improving the automation of your HVAC system (i.e. smart adding our intelligent thermostats). So this calculator will only outline energy savings from our automation. Our DC power distribution system is only compatible with HVAC devices that use a Brushless DC (BLDC) motor, which is a common element used in forced air, fan coil, and ERV systems.

If you'd like to learn more about the additional savings (on top of automation) associated with DC based HVAC systems feel free to contact us.

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