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Argentum is Changing! Introducing Cence Power

January 2, 2023

Cence Power Inc. announced November 14, 2022, that it has completed the acquisition of Argentum Electronics Inc, the inventors of Digital Current™. Argentum is a leading developer of 450 Volt direct current (DC) power systems, with readiness for the new inclusion of Class 4 fault-managed power systems (UL 1400-1) in Article 726 of the 2023 edition of the NEC (National Electrical Code).

Here at Argentum, we’ve decided that we would like to share why we’ve decided to make our partnership with Cence official, and what it means for the Argentum technology, brand and team. 

The Argentum Electronics team
The Argentum Team

Merging Valuable Assets

Although it’s Cence that’s acquiring Argentum, both companies bring valuable strengths to the newly merged team. Cence has strong industry connections within the LED lighting market, primarily with Omnify Lighting, because their Class 2 power system is ideal for LED lighting applications (especially in projects where intelligent lighting control is required). Cence Power holds multiple patents within the Low Voltage Power System market and has begun to implement systems in tier one companies across North America.

screenshot from the Cence Power website of the Cence panel with lighting controls
Cence Power is known for their lighting controls

The addition of Argentum’s technology to the Cence portfolio will extend its presence and leadership within the DC Power space. The combination will provide a fully featured DC power system with both high and low voltage distribution capabilities, and the benefits to match (for each type of system). This opens the door for a broad range of opportunities across the DC distribution market. With the acquisition, Argentum obtains a new location in Markham, Ontario, in a building shared with Omnify Lighting and Cence Power. This will be a great space for all three teams to collaborate and work more closely on innovative power solutions for the LED lighting market. 

argentum digital current system and products that will be joining cence as well
Argentum Technology: Panel, Nodes, Sensors and Switch

Argentum brings with them their Class 4 power system: Digital Current™, as well as lots of valuable educational content in the form of blogs and YouTube videos. Over the next few months, the Argentum website and social media will be rebranded as Cence Power. This change reflects the overlap in the values and mission of both Cence Power and Argentum. 

The Argentum co-founders and Cence Power team at the Omnify office in Markham
The Argentum Co-Founders and Cence Company Leaders

Why Direct Current (DC) Power?

Both Cence and Argentum are passionate about expanding the market for DC power distribution, and upping their capacity to deliver more DC power distribution systems to commercial, multifamily residential, and industrial buildings. Alternating Current (AC) power is usually what power grids generate, and distribute to our homes and buildings. This is because it won the War of the Currents back in the late 19th century. At the time, many electrical loads needed AC power to operate, such as the incandescent lightbulb. Today, things have changed. DC consumption currently makes up about 74% of total electrical loads in homes that use electric vehicles and HVAC equipment with DC motors, and if these loads are not directly getting the DC power they need, they have to convert AC to DC themselves. Usually this is done with inefficient drivers built into each device, so these loads could easily waste between 5% - 20% of consumed energy. Cence power provides a centralized low-voltage, Class 2 DC power system with intelligent controls, and Argentum’s flagship product is a higher-voltage (450 volts) Class 4 DC power system. To learn more about electrical class ratings, and what these ratings mean, check out Argentum’s blog post on Class 4 power: Electricity You Can Safely Touch?!

Argentum will operate together with Cence Power out of its Markham HQ and be led by its CEO Will Andrew and COO Bill Horst. The Argentum founders, Bolis Ibrahim and Sagar Jaiswal, will maintain their roles as President, and CTO, respectively.

Sentiments from Cence and Argentum

Will Andrew, CEO of Omnify and Cence, had this to say about the acquisition: 

“Argentum’s demonstrated leadership in design and development of DC power systems creates exciting new opportunities for Cence and our partners. In addition, the culture, and values, specifically their service philosophy is well aligned with our own. We welcome the addition of the Argentum Team, who will be joining us in our Head Office in Markham, Ontario. We are excited to work together to ensure that the strategic synergies capture their leadership position, while also integrating the individual elements that differentiate us, into a Fully Integrated DC solution.”

Bolis Ibrahim, Co-Founder and President at Argentum, had this to say about the acquisition:

“I have known of Cence for a few years and worked with Will Andrew through the industry, and because of our shared vision and commitment to develop new and innovative technologies to broaden the DC power market, I couldn’t be happier that we have forged this new partnership, which will help us expand and bring more products to market.”

Both Andrew and Ibrahim expressed their aspirations to broaden the DC power distribution market, so the overlap in their respective missions and markets is expected to propel them ahead as a stronger leader in the DC power space, under the brand name Cence. 

Cence Power

Digital Power with Intelligence

We provide fully scalable and integrated DC Power Systems, up to 450V DC with integrated low-voltage distribution. Our patented central DC system is the world’s first smart DC distribution system, focused on energy efficiencies for LED lighting and adjacent markets. Cence provides Class 2 and Class 4 rated power systems, as well as digital twin software, and a variety of wired and wireless sensors (such as IAQ and occupancy sensors).

Argentum Electronics

The Argentum Electronics team, brand, and product line, has joined Cence Power.

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Erin Law

Erin is the Creative Director at Cence Power. She has a New Media degree from the University of Toronto and 5 years of experience in the communications field. She has also done digital content creation for dozens of clients through her own business called Story Unlocked. Erin loves technology, especially when it makes the world a better place.

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