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image of Cence low voltage DC mounted on wall with front cover
Image of side view of Cence low voltage DC mounted on wall with front cover Image of side view of Cence low voltage DC mounted on wall with cover off to reveal internal driversImage of Cence drivers/100W lighting modules. These plug into the Cence LVDC panelImage of Cence LVDC power cable plugged into the device

Cence LVDC (Low-Voltage Direct Current) Panel

Class 2 DC Power Distribution System

Cence LVDC is a modular Class 2 rated power system that works best for loads under 100W. It reduces project capital costs associated with cabling and installation, and improves the efficiency of loads that require DC power (such as LED lighting).

About the Cence LVDC Panel

The Cence LVDC (low-voltage DC) panel is a modular 3.2 kW (3200W) Class 2 power system. It has 32 individually controllable Class 2 outputs, that provide up to 100W of power each.

Each panel houses 8, hot-swappable, power drivers, that each have 4 controllable 100W outputs.

Cence LVDC provides the same benefits as PoE but, unlike PoE, loads can be daisy chained. Cence LVDC works with almost any DC device under 100W (devices do not need to be PoE enabled).

About the LM1s (Lighting Module - 100W) DC Power Drivers

The LM1 is an LED lighting driver module for the Cence Panel. Each LM1 has 4 individually controllable 100W class 2 low voltage outputs for LED fixtures. The LM1's outputs can be either constant current or constant voltage.

The LM1 is equipped with four LED status indicator lights that enable users to quickly identify and troubleshoot errors via a sequence of flashing patterns.

LM1s are hot-swappable, meaning they can be un-plugged and replaced without shutting power off, simplifying system maintenance.

LVDC Panel Electrical Specs


85 - 305V AC


0 - 1800 mA / 12 - 55V DC per channel

Number of Channels

Up to 32 programmable, constant current channels

Power Per Channel


Number of Drivers/LM1s

Up to 8 drivers with 4 channels each

Max Total Power


Peak Efficiency


Operating Ambient Temperature

- 10°C to 40°C

Electrical Class Rating

Class 2 Power System

LVDC Panel Mechanical Specs


15.75” (40cm) W x 2.5” (6.4cm) D x 34.73” (88.2cm) H


32.5 lbs / 14.7 kgs


White (custom colours available)


Screwed into studs

Enclosure Material




Class 2 low-voltage system. Complies with UL 916 (UL standard for safety energy management equipment)


Pre-certified wireless module, certified to meet FCC, and IC, requirements for wireless transmitters

LVDC Panel Features

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Daisy chaining enabled to reduce project capital costs associated with cable, and maximize yield efficiency

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Can be used with almost any DC load under 100W (doesn't need to be Power over Ethernet enabled)

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