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Cence HVDC panel tiltedTransmitters lined up in the Cence HVDC box Transmitter sliding out of the Cence panelImage of Cence HVDC rectifier outside of the panel

Cence HVDC (High-Voltage DC) Digital Current™ Panel

Class 4 (or 1) Direct Current Power Distribution System with Digital Current™ Technology

Cence HVDC is a Class 4 (or Class 1) rated power system for loads over 100 W (up to 3kW per channel). Cence HVDC is equipped with Digital Current™ technology. It can output up to 450V DC to reduce line losses along cables, and has optional fault-management to send power without the need for mechanically protected cable.

High-Voltage Transmitter Electrical Specs


Up to 347V AC / Up to 400V DC


Up to 450V DC (programmable)

Number of Channels Per Transmitter


Power Per Channel

Up to 3kW (3000 W)

Peak Efficiency


Electrical Class Rating

Class 4 Power System

High-Voltage DC Panel Mechanical Specs


15.75” (40cm) W x 2.5” (6.4cm) D x 34.73” (88.2cm) H


62.5 lbs / 28.35 kgs


White (custom colours available)


Screwed into studs

Enclosure Material




Class 4 power system with Digital Current™ technology built to comply with UL 1400-1


Pre-certified wireless module, certified to meet FCC, IC, and CE (RED) requirements for wireless transmitters

UL Certification

UL 62368-1 (Pending)

High-Voltage DC Panel Features

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Fault-management technology shuts power off if a fault is detected, enabling the use of low-voltage wiring practices

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No need for mechanical protection (jurisdiction dependent)

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Saves energy with high-voltage DC by reducing line losses along cables, and eliminating the need for inefficient, load level AC-DC conversions

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Digital Current™ technology combines the benefits of PoE with traditional AC line voltage

About the Cence High-Voltage DC Transmitter with Digital Current™ Technology

The Cence HVDC (high-voltage DC) panel is a modular Class 4 (or Class 1) power system. It consists of intelligent Digital Current™ transmitters, with (optional) built-in fault-management. Fault-management allows the system to make use of low-voltage wiring practices, while still providing the benefits of higher voltages (such as reduced line losses).

Digital Current™ transmitters are housed inside the Cence HVDC panel. Each transmitter has an integrated rectifier that makes a highly efficient conversion from AC to DC power. Then they distribute up to 450V DC to Digital Current™ receivers. From there, receivers can regulate voltages down to 60V DC or lower.

About the Digital Current™ Receiver for High-Voltage DC

Transmitter sliding out of the Cence panel

Each Digital Current™ transmitter inside of the the Cence HVDC panel transmits up to 450V DC, to Digital Current™ receivers. With optional fault-management, power is interrupted between transmitters and receivers in a fraction of a second in the event of any electrical faults.

Being fault-managed allows the system to make use of low-voltage wiring practices (in order to avoid mechanical protection). When a Digital Current™ receiver gets it's power from the Digital Current™ transmitter, the 450V DC is stepped down to 60V DC or lower. Digital Current™ receivers can be daisy chained to maximize power yield of the transmitters they are connected to.

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