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The Cence Ecosystem

HV Suite

High-voltage, fault-managed Digital Current power supplies

Made to power loads that require over 100 W

Simple and safe plug-and-play installation

Cence HV Transmitter

High-Voltage Digital Current™ Transmitter

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Power Supplies Up To 450V DC

Each channel in the HV Transmitter can safely power loads up to 450V DC (limitless wattage)

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Simple Installation & Maintenance

Plug-and-play installation with minimal cable and copper required, and remote drivers

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Digital Current™ Technology

Fault-managed power distribution, making it safe and efficient to transmit high-voltages

HV Specs

HV Products

Modular, hot-swappable HV power supplies for intelligent and safe high-voltage Digital Current™ power distribution

Main power supply and rectifier for Cence LV Hub

HV Channel

The HV Transmitter comes standard with 4 Digital Current™ HV Channels. They can supply up to 450V DC each, with a high wattage capacity

HV Receiver

The high-voltage Digital Current™ Receiver intelligently monitors for faults, as it transmits and receives DC power. It shuts power off if any faults are detected, including human touch

The Digital CurrentAdvantage

Cence Class 4 Power Distributes
Digital Current™

As a fault-managed power system, Cence HV combines the benefits of high-voltage AC power systems with the benefits of low-voltage wiring practices. Our Digital Current™ technology allows us to supply up to 450V DC safely along cables that don't require mechanical protection.

Cence HV simple plugs into a typical AC receptacle, and distributes Digital Current™. We serve buildings in Canada, the USA, and internationally.

Learn more by clicking "Ask a Specialist", and filling out some project details. An engineer from our team will get in touch to chat further.

How Cence HV Works

AC to DC Conversion

The Cence Digital Current™ Transmitter simply plugs into any typical AC receptacle, and each of the 4 channels makes one, centralized and highly efficient AC to DC conversion. The transmitter safely sends up to 450V DC of Digital Current™ power over cables that make use of low-voltage wiring practices.

Cence HV Specs
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DC to DC Conversion

Cence HV Receivers connect to 450V DC lines and drop voltages down to required levels for connected loads. The Cence HV Receiver and Channels are continuously monitoring for faults along cables. If one is detected, power will be shut off immediately.

Cence HV Specs
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Wireless Control

Plug in the powered load to the receiver, such as telecom equipment, and relax. You can monitor, control, automate and optimize connected loads through the Cence App.

Cence HV Specs
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Effortless Installation

We take the pressure off with a fault-managed, high-voltage system that's plug-and-play, with no electrician required (depending on jurisdiction)

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Fault-management makes it safe for anyone to install and perform maintenance

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Thinner cables with less copper, and low-voltage wiring practices

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Comes pre-installed with all necessary software and connects to a wireless mesh network

Safety First

Cence HV exceeds industry-standards in safety with a multitude of certifications, guarantees and in-house testing, ensuring virtually zero risk of electrical shock or fire

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Cables monitored with fault-management technology that shuts power off (when required) 1000x faster than competitors

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Monitor the status of powered loads on our cloud-app to catch issues before they cause problems

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UL certified, rated a Class 4 power system by the NEC, and complies with the International Electrotechnical Commission

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