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A variety of wired + wireless building sensors and switches, as well as cables and cable management.

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cence accessories including building sensors like ieq, iaq, occupancy sensors and cable management parts


A variety of wired + wireless sensors and switches, as well as cables and cable management.

Best In Class Accessories

Our switches, and wide variety of sensors, connect wirelessly and securely with the Cence App. Use them to effortlessly optimize lighting for efficiency and comfort.

Our efficient, powerful and intelligent DC power systems come with a variety of cable and cable management options.

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Device communication via a secure mesh network.

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Collect building data on a wide variety of parameters.

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Optimize comfort and efficiency.

Cence Sensors

image of the cence occupancy sensor

Occupancy Sensor

10 Year Battery Life


Anonymous & Secure

Parameters Monitored
Motion, occupancy and presence sensing.

image of the cence ieq and iaq sensor

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Sensor

10 Year Battery Life


Anonymous and Secure

Parameters Monitored
Lighting brightness and colour temperature, carbon dioxide estimate, temperature, humidity, pressure, and VOCs.

Building Sensors for Everything Worth Monitoring

Hover over any of the icons to get inspired by what our sensors can do for your building.

Tap on any of the icons to get inspired by what our sensors can do for your building.


This sensor ensures that a space is comfortable for everyone. To do so, it monitors 7 data points including ambient temperature, and an estimate of CO2.

thermometer icon representing the ieq sensors we provide



A wireless motion detector that is simple, yet effective. They are typically used to optimize spaces and systems based on use.

icon of two people representing the occupancy sensors we provide


People Count

An anonymous people counting system that produces an accurate, 3D representation of a space. Within this representation, you can see each person's position in the space.

icon of three people representing the people count sensors we provide

People Count


Track pressure differences and flow rates inside ventilation ducts. Use this sensor for feedback systems, damper actuators, VAV boxes, fan speed controllers and more.

icon of pressure monitor representing the pressure sensors we provide



Track variations in vibrations, and be alerted to any machine faults in real-time. This sensor can also be used in security applications.

icon of vibrating phone representing the vibration sensors we provide



Cence is very flexible. If you have a sensing requirement and you don't see a solution here, reach out to our team, we can often customize one for you.

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Optimize Energy Use and Comfort

Use data collected from our sensors to optimize the energy efficiency of your lighting, as well as the comfort of your space. Check out our case studies to see the results our clients achieved.

Cence Switch

The Cence Switch is wireless, has a 10 year battery life, and fits behind a standard decorators wall plate. To install, simply peel and stick, and program the Switch using the Cence App.

image of the cence switch


If you require additional cables or cable accessories, we can hook you up.

image of cables with insulation


Our cables are light weight, two-conductor cables that make use of low-voltage wiring practices, and can support up to 450V DC.

image of cables being managed by plastic pieces

Cable Management

It's important to keep your cables tidy for maintenance and ease of access. We can help you with that.

image of cable connectors


High quality connectors for indoor and outdoor use.

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