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Occupancy Monitoring Electrical Specs


Comes with pre-installed batteries with a 10 year lifetime


PIR (Passive Infrared) secure and anonymous sensing technology

Detection Angle


Detection Range

5 meters (12.4 feet)


2.4 GHz wireless radio. Establishes an RF mesh network with wireless hubs (Cence Hub)

Wireless Range

Up to 100m from Cence Hubs (Cence Hub)

Operating Conditions

For indoor use. Ideal operating temperatures are between -20°C and 50°C.

BACnet Communication

Enabled when paired with the Cence Digital Twin software

Occupancy Monitoring Mechanical Specs


50 mm x 27 mm x 69 mm (1.96 in x 1.06 in x 2.72 in)


107 grams (3.77 oz)




Damage-free, peel-and-stick installation on flat surfaces




Bioplastic or ABS



Pre-certified wireless module, certified to meet FCC, IC, and CE (RED) requirements for wireless transmitters

Features and Applications for Occupancy Monitoring

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Wirelessly detect occupancy of indoor spaces, such as desks or rooms

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Enables energy use to be optimized according to known downtimes

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Use them to track how spaces are being used over time. Use trends to make informed decisions for retrofits, maintenance, cleaning and more

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10 year battery life with pre-installed batteries for a fast "peel-and-stick" installation, for ease of maintenance

Learn More About Occupancy Monitoring

About Cence Occupancy Monitoring

Cence occupancy sensor mounted to wall, front facing

Cence occupancy sensors are wireless and remotely programmable. They come out of the box ready to mount with pre-installed batteries and a peel-and-stick backing. They also have a battery life of 10 years, for ease of maintenance.

Cence occupancy sensors utilize PIR (passive infrared) sensing technology to monitor various parameters, including motion, people counting, and presence sensing. The data collected from these sensors is typically used to optimize spaces and systems based on usage, such as conference rooms or desks.

When paired with the Cence Digital Twin software, occupancy sensor data can be visualized so users can monitor, control, and automate their systems and spaces based on data.

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