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About Cence

Efficient power distribution made safe and simple.

Buildings Waste 30%

Commercial buildings waste an average of 30% of energy consumed every year due to inefficient AC to DC power conversions.

We developed an electrical system that supplies Digital Current™ to change that. That's how we power sustainability.

Our high-voltage system, (Cence HVDC) uses our Digital Current™ technology to send up to 450V DC of fault-managed power to loads. The low-voltage system (Cence LVDC) is an alternative to Power over Ethernet, but it supports daisy chaining (thus reducing cable needs and costs). Both systems save DC powered loads (like LED lighting) up to 40% of energy consumed. They do this by combining DC power distribution with a multitude of control options.

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The Solution

Cence plugs directly into an AC electrical panel, and safely distributes up to 450V of fault-managed DC power with Digital Current™ technology to make your LED lighting even more efficient.

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Eliminates inefficient AC to DC conversions

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Automate lighting for efficiency and comfort

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Reduce line losses with high voltage DC

Why DC Power

Buildings are wasting energy because power lines deliver Alternating Current (AC) power, while 70% of our devices actually need Direct Current (DC) power. For this reason, DC powered devices (such as LED lighting) inefficiently need to use their individual drivers to convert the AC power they get into the DC power they need.

These conversions can waste up to 40% of the energy consumed by DC powered devices.

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About Cence

Since 2015, Argentum has been revolutionizing the way power is distributed and managed in buildings, and now our team has merged with Cence to expand our product offerings. We're a Canadian based company that works with buildings around the world, including in the United States, to achieve their green building goals.

The Cence DC power distribution system suits the unique needs of your building; it can either be low or high voltage (up to 450V DC), drivers can either be centralized or decentralized, and it's compatible with most building types.

Because of our patented fault-detection (in the Digital Current™ system), our Direct Current (DC) power distribution system safely combines the benefits of low voltage wiring practices with high-power capabilities of 450 Volts DC.

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