Power LED Lights Efficiently

With DC power distribution and intelligent controls.

Your drivers are wasting energy.

AC to DC conversions waste energy and money.

Replacing LED drivers wastes time and money.

Lighting unoccupied spaces wastes energy and money.

PoE is not the solution

Ethernet cable with an X through it to show that the Argentum system doesn't require ethernet cables

Expensive Cabling

Not practical to daisy chain in PoE systems, making more "home runs" necessary. Additionally, 100 W PoE systems require heavier gauges; these Ethernet cables are more expensive than generic ones.

Lighting bolt to represent high voltages

Expensive Plugs

RJ45 plugs needed to terminate cables in PoE systems are ~$20 a piece because they need to support heavier gauges than typical Ethernet cables.

Dollar sign to represent capital and operational cost savings

IT Overhead

Each LED fixture needs an IP address in a PoE system. This can unnecessarily increase network overhead and IT management costs.

Eliminate energy waste. Meet Cence.

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Save on project cabling costs with low-voltage wiring practices.

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Save about 20% on energy for LED lighting and other DC powered loads.

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Get the distance and power capabilities of traditional electrical systems.

Design System

How does it work?

Plugs into an AC electrical panel.

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Distributes up to 450 VDC along cables (reducing voltage drop along cables).

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LED lighting gets the DC power it needs, thus eliminating inefficiencies caused by AC to DC conversions.

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Implement Cence to reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

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