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With Cence you can:

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Save 40% of energy consumed by DC powered loads (like LED lighting and modern HVAC)

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Get up to 450V DC, while still safely using low voltage wiring practices

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Intelligently control electrical loads with a digital twin


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You've taken the first step to see what DC power and intelligent controls can do for your building.

Do you have an electrical project on the go, or are you planning one? Cence could be the perfect fit to optimize the efficiency of electrical loads, and reduce maintenance. If you've filled out the form, thank you! A specialist from our team will get in touch with you soon to discuss how Cence would work with your project.

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Curious about Cence Applications?

High-Voltage DC (HVDC) and Low-Voltage DC (LVDC)

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High-Bay Lighting

Industrial Buildings

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Grow Lighting

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Subways and Mining


Office Buildings


Malls and Stores


Condos and Homes