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Use a digital twin to control and automate electrical loads with the Cence building automation system (BAS).

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Control and automate lighting with our cloud-based digital twin.

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Boosts Comfort

Optimize lighting and temperatures based on ideal comfort levels.

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Industry standard data encryption for secure cloud-control of lighting.

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Saves Energy

Create automations, and optimize electricity for energy savings.

Included with the Cence Building Automation System

An interactive digital twin of your building.

Get a customized digital twin of your building, and use it to intuitively control and automate electrical loads like lighting and HVAC.

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Analytics and actionable insights.

Raw data isn't enough. The Cence building automation system generates actionable insights so you can create data-based automations that achieve your energy and comfort goals.

A BACnet compatible building automation system.

Utilize our cloud-based app to securely communicate with and control any electrical load, including those that use BACnet protocol.

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Implement Cence to reduce your power consumption by up to 40%.

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